What Causes Earthquakes And Tsunami?

what causes earthquakesBoth earthquakes and tsunami are the terrible disasters. Both of it is natural disaster, so what causing it is up to nature. What causes earthquakes and tsunami? Earthquakes are caused by the seismic wave inside the earth mantle. This seismic wave can be caused by the volcano activity or collision of the earth plates. As for the tsunami, the tsunami will occur if the epicenter or the center of the earthquake located under the sea. These natural disasters are dangerous, as it can level an entire city, and wipe out thousands of people. They can destroy any big city in less than an hour. Since it is a natural disaster, we can’t really prevent it, so what we can do is to understand it to mitigate the damage, and lower the damage. Bellows are the information about earthquake and tsunami.

What Causes Earthquakes And Tsunami And How To Mitigate The Damage?

Just as mentioned before, the earthquakes are caused by the shifting of tectonic plates or the volcanic activity. But, human activities can also cause minor earthquakes such as excessive mining. If the earthquake is caused by the collision of the tectonic plates, and the breaking of the plates, then it is called tectonic earthquakes. If the earthquake is caused by the volcanic activity, then it will call a volcanic earthquake. Tectonic earthquake usually happens in the country crossed by the earth plates such as Japan, U.S, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These countries are located above the Pacific plates. That’s it the answer on what causes earthquakes.

The earthquake center is called epicenter. If the epicenter is located under the sea, then it will cause a tsunami. Since the seismic wave comes from under the sea, it will change the sea floor, causing it to move, break and make a trench. The water will fill the trench and makes the wave because of it. The sudden change of seafloor can make a giant wave, and that is what we call a tsunami. More information about what causes earthquakes and tsunami on the provided link.