Feel White Water In Bali Adventure

White water rafting Bali tour is one of the tourism activities in Bali to enjoy the water sport to rush adrenaline in the river that is very clean and clear. Bali always offers a variety of natural attractions that are very amazing. Not only the beaches that are so exotic but also many rivers are still very clean to use for rafting. The rivers that can be used as a good place to enjoy the experience drafting are Ayung River and River Telaga Waja which has whitewater or in another word clean water.

How Do You Enjoy White Water Rafting Bali?

Besides the very challenging rapids for white water rafting Bali, the river also offers unspoiled natural scenery. On each riverbank, surrounded by patches of rice fields, bushes, and trees. Not only is the natural scenery, the fresh air around also is kind of the attraction of Telaga Waja rafting. To the north, we can see the view of Mount Agung which is the highest mountain in Bali, which will be an amazing experience, if you try rafting there. After for 2.5 hours wading through the river and arriving at the finish rafting, you can enjoy lunch at the restaurant located in the middle of rice fields. In this restaurant, rafting participants can enjoy the buffet menu that has been provided.

If you want to try rafting on the river Telaga Waja. Because visitors to enjoy rafting in this river is very crowded with tourists, especially in the holiday season and ahead of the New Year. If not, you can visit other alternative places like the Ayung River. Well, those rivers in the two places above can as the best if you look for white water rafting Bali tour as the condition around and the water are still clean. What you need to do is that to join with your relatives or families to make impressive memories.