Get Printable Forms In 2 Minutes

Do you need printable job employment forms? This kind of forms usually is used for the hiring process. You have to create this kind of forms to record the applicant or candidate information before next process in recruitment. Actually, you can take online applicant instead of this printable forms. Still, the conventional process becomes the most effective one so the printable forms are needed. Actually, you can easily create the forms with Microsoft Office. How to create it?

2 Ways To Create Printable Forms

As mentioned before, you can create the printable job employment forms from Microsoft Office. There is two kind of Microsoft Office which are the best for making this printable forms like. You can create the forms by:

  1. Using Microsoft Word

Actually, it is a simple one when you only need to add some information to the form. However, you have also considered how applicants have to fill the form well. In this case, you need some properties which let the applicants fill the form before print it out. In Microsoft Word, you need to activate the Developer Tab. Go to File, then choose Options and Customize Ribbon. After that, find the Developer Tab and click OK. There will be a Developer Tab which has tools for forms. There are date option tools, checklist box, and many more.


  1. Using Microsoft Excel

Meanwhile, you can also create the forms by using Microsoft Excel. By same steps with Microsoft Word, you need to activate the Developer Tab. The steps are not different from Microsoft Word. In Word, you can find the tools directly, but you need to click Insert to find the tools on Developer Tab in Excel.


If you still have no idea which platform is the best one, so you can inform the recruitment on