What Makes Sleep Apnea Happen?

Now that you heard about sleep apnea, you may wonder how comes this problem may occur to someone. So, what causes sleep apnea? There are actually some things that may become the trigger for sleep apnea to occur in someone. Here are some of the common causes of this sleep disorder.

First Cause: Being Overweight

One of the causes of sleep apnea is being overweight. People who have a problem with excess weight are said to be four times more likely to get sleep apnea than normal people. It is because fat which is in upper airway can barricade our breathing. However, it is not everyone who has this sleep disorder is overweight. So you who have normal weight may get this problem as well.

Second Cause: Being Older

Being older is another reason why you may have sleep apnea especially the obstructive one. it is because older adults are more likely to get this problem.

Third Cause: Smoking

If you wonder what causes sleep apnea, smoking is another because that is able to enhance your risk to get this sleep problem. It is found that smoker is three times more possible to suffer obstructive sleep apnea compared to those who are not smoking.

Fourth Cause: Your Next Circumference

It is said that those who have thicker necks potentially have airways that are narrower than those who do not have. If you are a man and you have a thicker neck, your risk will be increased as well. In this case, the risk increases when your neck is 43 cm or larger.

Those are some of the things that may cause sleep apnea especially the obstructive one. Actually, there are some other causes such as family history, alcohol consumer, nasal congestion and more. But, it must be enough for today to discuss what causes sleep apnea.