Shrimp You Find In Japanese Cuisine

If you love to enter a Japanese restaurant at one time and another, you may find that shrimp has become one of the ingredients you see the most on the menu. There are many popular Asian tiger shrimp suppliers which we may take into account when we want to try cooking Japanese cuisine. But, it must be good for us to learn what kind of shrimp that is more commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Here are some of the popular ones.

First: Kuruma-Ebi

If you must want to know that high-end ingredient that usually serves in a Japanese restaurant, Kuruma-ebi is one of them. This shrimp is more likely to serve in sushi with Edomae-style. This shrimp is a species of tiger prawn which is caught in Tokyo Bay where it is known as the birthplace of the Edomae sushi. This shrimp is known to have that well-balanced sweetness which makes it a nice ingredient.

Second: Ama-Ebi

After the Kuruma-ebi which we may find in Asian tiger shrimp suppliers since it is a species of tiger shrimp, there is also ama-ebi which is also sweet when it comes to its natural taste. In Japanese cuisine, you may find this shrimp served raw in sashimi. It is a kind of shrimp that you will see more in the menu of a Japanese restaurant.

Third: Botan-Ebi

Another shrimp that you may find in Japanese cuisine is Botan-ebi. This shrimp is considered having such similar taste with ama-ebi.  In Japan, this shrimp is popular in Toyama and Hokkaido prefectures. However, it is also farmed right now that you may find the product of this farmed shrimp.

Now, you have learned several different types of shrimp which you may find in Japanese cuisine. In case you must want to cook a Japanese cuisine by yourself at home, you can find your favorite shrimp above in the best Asian tiger shrimp suppliers.