Stay Away from Narcotics

Who loves to try many new things in life? Are you one of those people? Well, you should know that not all of the new things in this world deserve a try. There are several things you should not try or even touch. If you try them and touch them, you will feel regret it in the future. Well, you surely know about the narcotics and how it is forbidden for people in almost all countries. See several bad things about narcotics as follow.

Why You Should Stay Away from Narcotics

Ok, maybe some people get the fun from narcotics but it is not a fun way to have fun. It is stupid and the best way to kill yourself. How come? You will feel the happiness for a while but you will always want it again and again. It is addictive but in the bad things. You will feel pain or even more crazy feeling when you cannot get the drugs or narcotics. You cannot control your emotion and you will feel so much mess. Narcotic also not cheap or even affordable. You will lose much money if you try it. Then, you will always want it again. You will do anything to get money even do the crime. I think you do not want to be the bad person.

Furthermore, the narcotics can damage your brain and your body slowly. You will feel it when you are too far consuming the drugs or narcotics. Once you get the narcotic in you; you will never stop and you will always need to consume it again or you will be crazy and sick. So, that is it. You will find more bad things about narcotics in other sources. Thus, that is all; you can share this with your children or your friends.