More Hidden Features of Android Nougat

Android NougatPreviously we have discussed some cool features in android nougat that you should know. First of all, the newer version of Android has UI tuner which is basically a way to customize your smartphone user interface. Additionally, you also can have a quick switch and split screen which allows seamless control of your apps. For this session, you will get another feature from Nougat, and its pull-down menu editing. The shortcut is really important on Android and it has been so helpful. If you want to customize it, you just need to select the edit button. It is very simple thing to do, and its effect is great. It is also possible to put all quick settings on this pull-down menu. However, you may need to swipe it to access them.

Android Nougat and Its Hidden Feature

Another cool feature that gives you control to your Android device is power notification. It is called that way because you have the power to control the notification displayed on your smartphone. You just cannot do that in another version of Android because it requires Android nougat to be installed as the OS. To activate this hidden feature, you should hold down the setting button that you can access from the drop down menu. You will see UI tuner menu, and you can select power notification option ranging from 1 to 5. 1 means blocking notification and 5 making notification intrusive. You can control the motivation for each application, and it is absolutely helpful.

The other feature that we have today is based on the user’s request of all the time: making a separate wallpaper for the home screen and lock screen. Additional options are also available just like what you get from the launcher or any other OEM. Android nougat offers a lot more flexibility, and it is absolutely a great version of Android that you can have.

New Features Exist Android Nougat Upgrade

android nougatThe technology keeps advancing. Now you can find right so many gadgets that will make you feel easy in doing your activity. The gadget can help you much but it can make you overwhelmed too. You need to be wise while using it though. The smartphone will be one of them and anytime you want to use this gadget you need operation system to run. You can use android as the operation system. It has many versions, and here is android nougat upgrade. You know this android nougat is the latest version of the android operation system. This one will be different from the previous one so that it is important for you to know.

Features Exist In Android Nougat Upgrade

Well if you want to know detail information about new features in android nougat, then this is the right place. Let’s discuss it. Let’s start the android nougat upgrade with this feature called Tiles Quick Settings. Now you will be able to add the option of quick setting by seeing the quick setting panel and then tap the edit button. You still can do the tap tiles to edit and also interact with this. For alternative way, you can do a long tap on one time to make disable or enable feature if it is possible.

Well by means the third party now is able to make live application only in quick settings tile. For the next feature, you will find a setting for application navigation which is easier. Now you can use settings application to ease you in navigating one setting into another setting. You can easily tap hamburger menu on the left corner or swipe it from left screen to display setting category. This will shorten time rather than you should tap back the button, looking for a setting and then change the setting. Well, that’s all for today’s information dealing with android nougat upgrade.