Your Traditional Cure for Mite Bite

Can dust mites bite? This is the fundamental question that often is asked about whether dust mites bite or not. Actually, dust mites are looking for their feeding from the human body. When they attach to your mattress, they would seek the change to suck your blood in the night. Their bites caused several problems of skin problem that your skin will be itchy. For that, there are a number of ways to avoid the arrival of dust mites at home or to prepare a way to eradicate them when they have been there in your home furnishings such as mattresses.

Can Dust Mites Bite be Cured Traditionally?

Symptoms of dust mites begin to appear within hours. The most common symptoms include itching, swelling, rashes and red bumps on the skin. Then, can dust mites bite be cured traditionally? Well, there are some things that you can do for the effective cure. Here are several traditional cures for the bite. First is that using Aloe Vera. It contains good anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. Vitamin E helps maintain skin moisture, which in turn reduces itching. Then, you can use olive oil too which is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that reduce itch. After rinsing the itchy area, rub olive oil on it. The last is using oatmeal. You know, oatmeal contains anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory which is relief from itching.

Well, dust mites bite give the very disturbing problem to skin health. The itch gives very bad impact on your appearance sometimes. Otherwise, some things can be used ask the cure for that, besides the medical cure like skin ointment. The above things would be easy for you to obtain them for they are often be used and provided in the home. So, the question of “can dust mites bite be cured traditionally?” has been answered.