Where Are Ab Blood Types Are Inherited?

Blood type is something genetic. Parents’ blood type, of course, can affect what types of blood that their children have. It does work with blood group AB; the blood type can be inherited as well to the children. Of course, it also affected by the blood type of the couple. So, the different couple has the different potential of the blood type for their children. Then, what actually AB blood comes from? What type of parental combination that can inherit the AB blood type? Of course, you are curious about it, right. If you are curious about this information, please read the following explanation for more information.

AB Blood Type Can Be Inherited From The Following Parental

When a couple gets married, they might get potential for children with AB blood if they are listed in the following combination:

  • A Couple with A and B type

This couple has the possibility that their children will have blood group AB, A, B, or O.

  • A Couple with AB and A blood type

Meanwhile, for this couple, the children have potential to be AB, A, or B blood types.

  • A Couple with AB and B blood type

Then, for this blood types combination, the potential blood types to their children are AB, A, or B.

  • A Couple with AB and AB blood type

When parents are having the same AB type, their children have potential to be the part of AB, B, or A blood types.

Of course, that theory can be coined because of the structure of each blood type is different from one and another. So, when they have children together, they will inherit some gens that can form different from perhaps the same blood types with the parents. That is all the information about where AB types are inherited. For more information about blood type, you can visit https://groupe-sanguine.fr.