Why Do We Need To Exercise?

Health careWhat are the fundamentals of a healthy body? The main fundamentals of a healthy body are diets, genetics, habits and don’t forget about exercise. Beside than diets or eating habits, exercise maybe the most important part of the healthy body. What is exercise? Exercise is an activity aimed to move our body, to strengthen our body by putting stress on our muscle. Why can exercise make our body healthier and make our muscle stronger? By exercise, we will put stress on our muscle. After series of exercise, the muscle will be exhausted and break. Although the muscle is broken, by using the protein in our body and from foods, we will rebuild our muscle. Through the rebuilding process, our muscle will be stronger, and better. That’s why exercise will make our muscle stronger.

And, Why Exercise Made Our Body Healthier?

Exercise is a series of activity, movements, and training in order to make our body healthier and our muscle stronger. Why can exercise make our body healthier? When we do exercise, we will move our body. By the movements, our skin will release sweat, and we will be drenched in sweat. By releasing sweat, we will also release toxic and any unwanted material out of our body. There is much unwanted material that released alongside sweat, so we will feel refreshed after drenched in sweat. To put it simply, by exercising, we will dump unwanted material and toxin through sweating. By releasing toxic, of course, our body will become healthier.

There are many kinds of exercise. The easiest one is running. Running is very easy because you only need running shoes. Actually, you can even run without running shoes, but it will be different because running shoes will really help you to run. Running can be fun too. Running on Sunday morning with your friends can be an exciting experience. If you want to start exercising, you should try running first. We will need to exercise our body if we want a healthy body and don’t want a weak and frail body.